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I've never written to a reviews site before but I'm sharing the Elite Matchmaking reviews that I wrote to my Elite matchmaker.I had a number of unfortunate experiences with dating services before my cousin suggested that I give Elite a try.After I signed up and experienced my initial interview, I found that the matchmaking process proceeded very smoothly.

The other thing that I noticed was that, when some of my dates told me about their complaints and experiences with other dating sites, our reviews of Elite matched.

This told me that my impressions about some of the other services were shared by quite a few other people.

The Elite program is well-operated and efficient and I credit them for introducing me to the woman of my dreams.

After moving to South Florida last year, my new co-workers introduced me to the Elite Matchmaking dating service.

Seems that two of them met their wives through Elite and they wanted others to share that success.

I usually don't date through dating services but they told me about Elite and I was impressed.

One thing which especially impressed me was the openness that Elite has to member feedback and complaints.

It seems that if something doesn't go right, you can submit your complaint to the Elite matchmaking complaints staff and they respond quickly to try and correct the problem.

I really sat up and took notice at that because I have extensive experience in the private business sector and you don't hear about that kind of service very often.

Anyway, I did sign up, and now our division has three staff members who met their wives through Elite.

Dating at age 62 isn't easy but, after reading several Elite Matchmaking reviews and hearing about the company from a number of friends and co-workers, I signed up. They set me up with men who were truly companionable and with whom I felt comfortable and relaxed.

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