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Call them unreliable, odd, or downright nuts: there’s nothing more addictive than being behind the wheel with a protagonist who’s not entirely there.

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Hearing the audiobooks of ME BEFORE YOU and GIRL ON THE TRAIN ahead of their movie releases, I was so excited to hear the words come to life as I imagined the actors in their respective roles.

The audiobooks on today’s list have gotten the Hollywood treatment, but in a different sense.

No need to wait for them to hit the big screen, these audiobooks are read by some of the best actors of stage and screen.

human contact—drives her imagination wild with visions of plunging knives into flesh, slow deaths, and blood-curdling screams.

Luckily for the outside world, she has locked herself in her apartment to keep from acting on her urges.

Confined within those walls for three years, she lives the life of Jess Reilly19, a bubbly nineteen-year-old college student who pays her bills performing sex acts via her webcam.It’s highly lucrative for her and safe for everyone involved.Since then, I’ve wanted to learn more about this often forgotten piece of history.So, when I found Christina Baker Kline’s acclaimed novel ORPHAN TRAIN, I immediately picked it up and convinced myself I did, in fact, need a new book.When I worked in a bookstore, the subject of favorite novels came up often among the employees, and the subject of our favorite corresponding BBC adaptations came up just as often.They kind of go hand-in-hand, especially when you read a lot of Victorian fiction.

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